tirsdag 29. januar 2008

Computer techie question...

Hehe, found this little 'call the computer techie' dude for emergency help story, and want to share it with you guys! :-)


phone call from panicing client:
client: oh hi Tom, Mark gave me your number. He said you can fix computer stuff.
me: yer, sometimes. what's up?
client: well some dumb fuck super glued my fucking mouse to my desk.
me: (supressing laugher) I see.
client: anyway, that's not really the problem. What I want to know is, can I turn my monitor off without affecting the computer?
me: yes, but how does that help?
client: they've left a porno movie playing and I have a meeting in 30 seconds.
me: you better unplug the speakers as well...
Banzai Harakiri

lørdag 26. januar 2008

I want one!!

This has unlimited way of uses. Just imagine what you can do if you had one..

Banzai Harakiri

Got a rifle?

Got a rifle? with those same old colors like everybody else has? Do you have an urge to stay away from the ordinary man? Maybe this will give you an idea... :-)

Pimp my Rifle

Banzai Harakiri

Got an Aquarium?

Do you have an aquarium with som fishes that have been around for a while? In that same, booring, small aquarium? Why not build them something exciting? Something that can make them able to see new places and stuff?

Check out this Aquarium

Banzai Harakiri

Album covers...

In search of that song you had forgot (se post of yesterday), you might recognise it from the cover of the album. Well, i still guess that this is not the site you will find that album on, and if you do you might want to check out a record store nearby to get a little updated on the music front. :-)

Weird Album Covers

Banzai Harakiri

Extreme sport

Always wanted to be an athlete but didnt quite find the sport for you?
Well, check out one of the new rapidly growing sports in the world, Extreme Ironing!
You must be kiddin' you probably say, but check out this site and maybe you will give it a try. It might even be fun :-)

Extreme Ironing

Banzai Harakiri

Potato launcher

Ever had that urge to shot potatoes far far away? Fear not, cause here is the recipie on how to assemble your very own potato launcher! (I and blogspot are not responsible for anything you might do with this information)

Just whip out your tools, some supplies from your local hardware shop and happy building!

Potato launcher.

Banzai Harakiri

Inventions and patents II

I posted yesterday about wacky inventions and patents in the UK.
I stumbled over another site today, that has even more hillarious thingies that people have thought up. Check it out here...

Banzai Harakiri

Cool animation...

Just a single photo can get really cool when doin it this way.

around and around...

Banzai Harakiri

fredag 25. januar 2008

Facial hair...

I have a goathee myself, but these guys have passed the point of no return. How can you get in a situation where the hair in your face takes over your life? (I imagine that has to be the case for these gentlemen).

Take a look for yourlself: World Beard Championships

Love letters...

Have you got a love letter lately? No? Well, you might yet be lucky.
This person is writing 400 love letters to completely strangers as a 'project-kind-of-thing'. Before you start pressing on the colors, read the pieces at
the top of the pages, it will explain the idea behind it all.

Visit 400 Love letters

I just cant agree with myself here. Is this total wacky? or is there some piece of genius behind it? What do you think?

Banzai Harakiri

Searching for a song?

Well, I can almost guarantee the song is not on this site, but the name of the place should give it all away. Some weird stuff here...

Visit the BizarreRecords

Banzai Harakiri

Inventions and patents...

People have been inventing tings since the dawn of time with great ones like the wheel, fire, paperclips, and other things we now take for granted. The urge to create is buried deep within most of us, and it can sometimes lead down a path that leads directly into a brick wall :-)

I found a site that shows unbelievable patent applications submitted to the UK Patent Office. Browse through it, and try to imagine what went through the mind of the inventors when it was created.

The link is: UK Patent Office - Whacky inventions

Banzai Harakiri

Duck tape is....

...one of the great gifts to mankind, and its use range from simple 'patch-it-up' work to complicated repairs and manufacturing of cool items. This site seems to grasp it all, and might give you an idea or two of what to do with this universial repairtool.
Check out: DuckTapeFashion

Banzai Harakiri

One copy of this please...

This gotta hurt baaaad.....
(Press 'Play')
(doubleclick the movie for fullscreen)

Anyone of you guys/girls tried this? :-)

Banzai Harakiri

How to freak out your friends...

If you are tired of the same old paintings and photos of sunsets and stuff on your wall, why not make something that will make your friends think twice about accepting a dinner invitation from you in the future? :-)
I stumbled over this piece of 'make-it-yourself' artwork on the net.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

Thing in a Jar

Banzai Harakiri

Hola Amigos! (First post!)

I'm Banzai Harakiri from Oslo, Norway, and this is a little blog to keep myself and you guys (and girls) with a source of fun and stupid things to look at / think about / comment on.

Whats this place is goin to hold, only the future will know, but there will not be any major politics or govermental discussions here, just plain odd weird things and stuff.

C'ya around, and dont forget to comment!

Banzai Harakiri